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Tote Bags

Thank you so much for helping us sew tote bags for the  Children's Hospital!



In your kit, you should have:

1) 2, pre-cut 17"x17" pieces of canvas outer fabric

2) 2, pre-cut 17"x17" pieces of inner lining fabric

3) 2 pieces of 28" webbing



Please click on the link below to download your pattern.

Please note that there are a couple of differences between

the pattern and our totes. The totes that we are sewing are larger

than the pattern, but the directions are the same. We are also using

webbing so that you do not have to make handle straps. If you

have any questions or issues as you work,

please do not hesitate to reach out via e-mail

(cvillecraftaid at, through the contact form, or in the Facebook group. We will be scheduling a

Zoom chat for sewing totes in the next two weeks.


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