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COMMUNITY PROVIDERS: Are you with a public community group, essential business, or medical provider in need of crafting assistance for surgical masks, face shields, headbands or gowns? Please click the "MAKE A REQUEST" button below and fill out our online request form. Your request will be added to our "Volunteer to Sew" page so that volunteers can sign-up to work on your request. Once your request has been fulfilled the Habitat Store will contact you to arrange pick-up or delivery. Due to the overwhelming number of requests, it may take over two weeks or more to fulfill them. Please also see our growing list of where masks can be purchased here.


INDIVIDUALS: Due to the overwhelming number of requests we have received from our community medical providers, CCA is unable to fulfill requests for individuals currently. We encourage individuals to consider buying a mask from one of our local makers by clicking the "MASKS FOR SALE" button below. Doing so supports our local community and helps people continue to have an income. 

Sewing Requests

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