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Thank you so much for helping us sew medical dolls and gowns for the Children's Hospital!



In your kit, you should have:

1) 1 pre-cut & pre-washed doll body 

2) 1 pre-cut & prewashed doll hair

3) Matching thread

4) 10" x 20" pre-washed fabric for doll gown pattern

5) 19" of single-fold 1/4 bias for the gown


Please click on the links below to download your patterns.

Please print the pattern for the gown at 100%. Note: because we had to reduce the original pattern to fit our dolls, the 1" measurement guide on the pattern will NOT measure 1" and instead should measure

approimately 3/4" x 3/4". If you have any questions or issues as you work, please do not hesitate to reach out via e-mail (cvillecraftaidkits at, through the contact form, or in the Facebook group. We will be scheduling a Zoom chat for sewing dolls in the next two weeks.







Medical Doll & Gown

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