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See-Through Masks

A request that has increased in popularity has been for our see-through masks. This is going to be a LONG post but has lots of good info for those of you who would like to try tackling them on your own. We have tested many patterns and have found the most success with the SSOL smile pattern (with a few edits). Please let us know if you have any questions!


  1. Cotton fabric - We have received feedback to use solid-color fabric to reduce distraction for the hard of hearing. 

  2. See-through vinyl for the panel (We use the 12 gauged clear vinyl at Joanne in the back by the upholstery fabric).

  3. Elastic or "stretchy stuff" for ear loops

  4. Nose wire (optional)

  5. Grosgrain ribbon or scraps for nose casing (optional)

  6. Wash-away hem tape (Wonder tape) (optional but HIGHLY recommended). You can buy it here.  

  7. SSOL printed pattern from here. (Make sure to double-check the 1” square on the printed pattern. It can be a little tough to print for some printers.)


Video Tutorial: 

Watch it hereWE HIGHLY recommend it!

Notes and edits:

  1. We added a nose wire very simply by sewing a 4” piece of grosgrain (non-shiny) ribbon across the top of the mask on the inside (see picture) leaving both ends open. A nose wire easily slides in and can be removed for washing. Just use a lighter to melt the ends gently to reduce fray.

  2. We added a small dart on the chin to reduce gapping.

  3. We increased the window size slightly but would recommend making a few with the original size first to get the hang of it. If you go too wide (especially vertically) you will not be able to fold the top and bottom in enough to get the proper tucks on the side casings.

  4. The double-sided tape is not required but is SUPER helpful. We resisted for the first few batches and had a difficult time getting the vinyl not to slide before topstitching and would get a corner gap and have to start all over. It’s very inexpensive. Also if you are sewing for CCA requests, we can provide the tape for you.

This designer has since released an updated pattern with a removable vinyl window. It is the next on our list to pattern test! We are pretty sure it will work great. We have liked everything she has done so far. Click here for that pattern.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!


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