Volunteer Appreciation

Thank you so much for being a member of the Cville Craft Aid (CCA) family over the last several weeks. Your hard work sewing masks has made such a difference in our community and we so appreciate all the time and effort you have given towards keeping everyone as safe as possible. Recently, a local, anonymous donor gifted us with lots of gift cards to seven small, local businesses for us to distribute to our volunteers. Providing these gifts is a way to thank you for all of your service to our community as well as to provide support for our local economy.  Moving forward, volunteers will receive a $50 gift card for sewing two (2) kits or sixty (60) masks.


Gift cards have been provided to the following local businesses:


New Dominion Bookshop

Louise Home Goods

Rebecca’s Natural Food

Shenanigan’s Toys 


If you have turned in two (2) kits or sixty (60) masks to the Habitat Store for CCA requests, please click the button below and fill out the short survey to claim your gift cards. If you are requesting multiple cards, please fill out a new form for each card.



We encourage you to claim all of your gift cards.  It helps our local economy by encouraging people to patron our small businesses, we have plenty, and you earned it/them! If however, you do not want to accept any or all of your gift cards, you can let us know in the survey and we will ensure that they go back into the pool for our other volunteers in our group who could really use them. We want to respect our generous donors’ wishes and keep these gift cards within the CCA community. 


Gift card collection will happen once a weekend via a hands-free, drive-through event. We will e-mail details prior to distribution. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.  As you know, it takes a village. Thank you again for being a part of ours.